TN/VA Scholars

What is the TN/VA Scholar Program?
Tennessee/Virginia Scholars, a program of the Kingsport Chamber, is a regional rewards and recognition program for high school students sponsored by local business and industry.
Who are TN/VA Scholars?

TN/VA Scholars are high school students who have completed the TN/VA Scholars course of study requirements, and volunteer requirements.
Part of being a TN/VA scholars students must have **20** hours of volunteer work.***
To learn about volunteer opportunities go to the DB Counseling page and click on the Volunteer Opportunities Link.
To log your volunteer hours please use the TN/VA Scholars Community Hours Form log form.

To learn about the requirements to become a TN/VA Scholars.
Please click on the TN/VA scholars website and look at the requirements.

***The academic, attendance, and behavior criteria will remain  the same, however, the community service requirement has changed from the previous 40 hours of community service to 20 hours of community service for this year's senior class of 2021-22. 
1. Right click and save this form to your computer: 
Community Service Form.

2. Once you've printed the Community Service Form, please submit this form to the Dobyns-Bennett Counseling Office.   The deadline to turn in community service hours is Friday, January 14, 2022.   

For additional information, contact:
Sharon Lambert:  [email protected]
Nikki Joyce:  [email protected] 

TN/VA Scholars website

Seniors, please remember to submit your TN/VA Scholars volunteer hours to the Counseling office by January 14, 2022.