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Attendance Office

Allison Morriss
D-BHS Main Campus:
D-BHS Main Campus Attendance Office:  423.378.8464
D-BHS Main Campus Attendance Fax:     423.378.8576

Tardy Consequences

3 unexcused tardies - 1 After School Detention or 3  Before School Detentions
6 unexcused tardies - 2 After School Detentions or 6 Before School Detentions or Saturday School
9 unexcused tardies - 3 After School Detentions or Saturday School
12 unexcused tardies - 1 Day of In School Suspension
15 unexcused tardies - 2 Days of In School Suspension and referral to the school's Administrative Intervention Committee. This offense could also result in the possible loss of prom/graduation privileges
18 unexcused tardies - 2 days iss
21 unexcused tardies - Referral to Kingsport City Schools Student Discipline Hearing Authority