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Tennessee Work Ethic Diploma


What is the Tennessee Work Ethic Diploma?

The "Work Ethic Diploma" is a workforce readiness credential that can be earned by high school seniors in participating counties. Students who earn the Work Ethic Diploma will be given preference for job interviews at partnering employers if they meet all other qualifications of the job posting.

Participating students will receive a list of Work Ethic Diploma Standards which includes 14 achievement categories. Each achievement category has one, two, or three subcategories that are assigned a point value. Students who sign up for the Work Ethic Diploma must complete enough of the goals set out in the achievement categories to score 20 points in order to receive the diploma.


Who can receive the Work Ethic Diploma distinction?

To receive the Work Ethic Diploma distinction a student must earn a minimum of 20 points from the Work Ethic Diploma Standards, registered at, and earn a regular high school diploma.