D-B Dramahawks First Place at Showstoppers Invitational at Science Hill High School in Johnson City

The Dramahawks were proud to take First Place at the Showstoppers Invitational Forensics Tournament at Science Hill High School last Saturday. The team took 25 placings, including first places in both Prose and Novice Prose Interpretations by Lydia Hurst and Sophie Burks.
Showstoppers Invitational, Science Hill

After Dinner Speaking
Lily Hutson- 3rd
Delaney Young- 6th

Dramatic Interpretation
Emily McCarthy- 4th
Lily Hutson- 5th

Humorous Interpretation
Cameron Roberts- 2nd

Impromptu Speaking
Alexys Moody- 2nd
Destiny Stover- 3rd
Aivree Byram- 4th
Skye Claiborne- 6th

Improvisational Duet Speaking
Aurora Palmer and Erica LaFollette- 4th

Novice Poetry
Mary Baker- 4th
Lily Hutson- 5th

Novice Prose
Sophia Burks- 1st

Original Oratory
Michael Fanning- 3rd
Destiny Stover- 5th

Camryn Sims- 4th

Ava Burris- 2nd
Alexys Moody- 4th

Lydia Hurst- 1st
Emily McCarthy- 4th

Public Forum Debate
Jaylen Fields and Eleanor Voigt- 2nd
Karina George and Aydan Ponasik- 4th

Emily McCarthy- 2nd
Makenzie Connelly- 4th
Brenna Lawrence- 5th