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Kingsport City Schools will be closed for Spring Break March 27-31, 2017. Classes resume on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Speech - Theatre - Dramahawks

Great Competition Day for D-B Dramahawks at Candy Cane Invitational Tournament!

Notable achievements include Jac Ward’s first break AND 1st place win in Prose and Maddie Rimer “triple breaking” as a freshman.  There were other “firsts”:

Raine McKee- 1st in Duo Interpretation, 1st in Improvisational Duet Acting and 3rd in Duet Acting

Logan Perry- 3rd in Duet Acting, 4th in Duo Interpretation and 5th in Solo Acting

Maddi Rimer- 4th in Dramatic Interpretation, 5th in After Dinner Speaking and 6th in Duo Interpretation

Hannah Sheppard- 1st in Duo Interpretation and 1st in Improvisational Duet Acting

Mia Waugh- 1st in Solo Acting and 4th in After Dinner Speaking

Ethan Walker- 3rd in Humorous Interpretation and 6th in Pantomime

Kendall Hubbard- 6th in Dramatic Interpretation and 6th in Prose Interpretation

Jac Ward- 1st place in Prose Interpretation

Ethan Harbin- 1st in Pantomime

Rowan Sylvia and Amber Walter- 2nd in Duet Acting

Jordan Guest- 4th in Duo Interpretation

Hannah Smith- 4th in Storytelling

Natalie Goguen- 5th in Pantomime

JT Roberts- 6th in Duo Interpretation

Congratulations to the D-B Dramahawks who took 1st place sweepstakes in Science Hill’s Showstoppers Invitational Forensics Tournament!!! Individual results are as follows:


1st Place- Kendall Hubbard in Prose Interpretation

1st Place- Jordan Guest in After Dinner Speaking

1st Place- Hannah Sheppard and Raine McKee in Improvisational Duet Acting

1st Place- Ethan Harbin in Storytelling

2nd Place- Kevin Loo and Julian Chastain in Public Forum Debate

2nd Place- Jordan Guest and Hannah Sheppard in Duet Acting

3rd Place- Hannah Smith in Storytelling

3rd Place- Mia Waugh in Solo Acting

3rd Place- Andrew Ervin in Humorous Interpretation

3rd Place- Ethan Grindstaff and JT Roberts in Improvisational Duet Acting

4th Place- Savannah Honaker and Konnor Beck in Improvisational Duet Acting

4th Place- Kendall Hubbard in Dramatic Interpretation

4th Place- Mia Waugh in Storytelling and After Dinner Speaking

4th Place- Ethan Walker in Humorous Interpretation

5th Place- Logan Perry and Raine McKee in Duet Acting

5th Place- Hunter Sharp and Amber Walter in Improvisational Duet Acting

5th Place- Madi Codispoti in Impromptu Speaking

5th Place- Jacob Lamb in 5th in Prose Interpretation

5th Place- Maddi Rimer in Dramatic Interpretation

6th Place- Hunter Sharp in Impromptu Speaking

6th Place- Cody Minton in Prose Interpretation