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This is a new resource for parents. Follow this link to gain beneficial information pertaining to your student. 

Title 1 News:

The No Child Left Behind Act requires Parent Notification if a student is not making satisfactory progress toward becoming proficient in the curriculum standards for his/her grade level in the areas of Math & Reading/Language Arts. If a student has been identified in either or both areas for two grading periods, then parent contact or a conference is required to determine a plan of intervention for that student.


So what does that mean for Cora Cox Academy?

  • CCA wants students to succeed in all subject areas of the curriculum and needs parents to be a part of their child’s success.
  • The school will keep parents informed of their child’s individual progress through regular progress reports, report cards, and access to Power School. Teacher planning times and contact information are on the school website, and teachers have web pages that include assignments and test dates.
  • The school will notify parents if their child is failing in any subject area for any two grading periods, and will ask for parent input.


So what does that mean for parents?


  • You need to be involved in your child’s educational planning.
  • Monitor your child’s grades through progress reports, report cards, the Parent Portal of Power School, and by monitoring assignments.
  • If you receive a letter from the school or are contacted by a teacher because your child is failing in any subject area, please become an equal partner in helping your child succeed by discussing their progress/needs with the school.
  • Check your child’s report card –if they have an F in any area for two grading periods, you should contact the school and set up a conference, or contact the teacher/s during their planning time and talk to them about your child’s progress.



All students can be successful when Schools and Families work together!