11th Grade - Class of 2022


Registration Information

for Current 10th grade Students and Parents

from the Dobyns-Bennett Counseling Department

Students and Parents/Guardians,  

Your counselors wish that we could start your 11th grade registration with you as planned, but things don’t always work out as planned. So we came up with a new plan to help you proceed with scheduling your 11th grade year.  One of your most useful tools in this process is the D-B website, https://dbhs.k12k.com/.  

When you go to the D-B website, under the “Students” heading, you will see in the drop down menu “Current 10th Grade Registration Information - Class of 2022”.  Click on that area. Here will be the information you need to plan for your 11th grade classes. Notice the D-B Course Catalog in blue text on the right side of your screen.  You can click on this to open the Course Catalog. It may not open up because of needing a flash player so then you would click on “view mobile version here”.  We can’t stress to you enough that looking at the Course Catalog is really important when picking your classes.

Also on the “Current 10th Grade Registration Information” page you will see a copy of the course request card and a presentation.  The course request card shows everything you can take as an 11th grader. This can also help you as you are picking your 8 courses and 3 alternates.  The presentation was created by the counselors to walk you through choosing your 8 courses and 3 alternates. The presentation can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoBUino3QNM

To complete your 11th grade course registration process, you will  log onto your PowerSchool Student Portal between April 6th - April 17th and enter your courses.  This is something your counselor would usually do for you but since we are not together right now, we are putting you in charge of this part.  We may even be back in school and you would do this in Homeroom. It is really quite simple. Once you log on, Click on Class Registration. Then you will see subject areas.  To open up to select classes in those subject areas, you will click on the small pencil out to the far right of the subject area. Note: You will have to enter in your English, Math, and Alternates.  You do not need to select something in each subject area.  Remember, you will only be putting in 8 courses and 3 alternates.  Also, you may notice that your English and/or Social Studies teachers have made recommendations for you for your next level in those classes. 

Once you are done with putting in your courses, make sure to look over everything to see if it is exactly as you planned.  Then click submit at the bottom and you are done! If you have a printer at home, you can also print this for your own copy.

Counselors are working from home Monday - Friday from 8 am - 3pm.  If you have questions about what to do or problems, please email your counselor at any time and we will get back with you during our working hours.  Your counselor will check in with you about your choices if there needs to be something altered, so make sure to check your school email.

Please email your counselor if you have any questions.  Stay well and we look forward to seeing you all soon.