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Principal, Dr. Chris Hampton

Dr. Chris Hampton
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Dobyns-Bennett High School Vision
At Dobyns-Bennett High School, we are committed to the focus of improving student learning and growth through collaborative processes, healthy relationships, positive culture, and high expectations that result in students being Ready Graduates upon their completion of high school.
●    Demonstrate academic responsibility by taking initiative to engage in and actively participate in class and class activities (projects, homework, discussion boards, etc.) related to course objectives.   
●    Demonstrate social responsibility through following school and district policies and communicating with staff and each other using appropriate language, volume, and tone. 
●    Follow an academic plan that will result in students being Ready Graduates and enter an appropriate postsecondary degree program or  the workforce with the skills necessary to advance beyond an entry-level salary.
●    Develop rigorous lessons that promote student inquiry, problem solving, and mastery of course-level standards.
●    Analyze student work to determine progress, guide interventions, and build skills necessary for postsecondary success.
●    Engage students, parents, and each other in positive and purposeful relationships through academic and appropriate social interactions that focus on student progress and personal interests.
●    Engage in ongoing and relevant professional development that focuses on their content and sharing best practices with each other, committing to using the knowledge and skills in the classroom.
The School:
●    Promotes and cultivates a structure of effective, natural, and logical consequences to support positive and productive decision making.
●    Supports academic and social-emotional needs.
●    Models a strong learning community where all accomplishments are recognized and all stakeholders experience a sense of belonging.
●    Encourage students to be self-advocates for their learning through effectively communicating with teachers, counselors, and other necessary school staff.
●    Engage and support their children in all aspects of the school community.