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Principal, Dr. Chris Hampton

Dear parents, guardians and new students to Dobyns-Bennett,

This is Dr. Hampton and I want to apologize again for the cancellation of orientation.  This was a decision we truly did not want to make.  I know many students are anxious about starting a new and large school and the possibility of getting lost on their first day.  D-B is a large school and it will take a day or two to get your bearings.  However, by Wednesday, students will be very comfortable with navigating their class schedule.  Your teachers know this experience is new, exciting and at times a bit scary.  Each and everyone of them were new  once upon a time and faced the same level of anxiety.  I promise you they will be understanding and supportive.

I am also reaching out to you to share a brief (10 minute) orientation resource that you and your children may want to engage with over the weekend.  The presentation can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this message. This is the information students would have received in the opening orientation session.  As mentioned in my email yesterday, new students will have time in homeroom to locate their classes.  Lastly, all 9th grade homerooms are located in the new science and tech center (the front door to D-B) or the Social Studies pod.  Both of these areas are easy to locate from all points on our campus.  I hope these three pieces of information will add comfort and eliminate anxiety for new students.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend and a very productive and successful year/career at Dobyns-Bennett. 

Orientation resource - https://youtu.be/jDUBjhsVwHE

Roll Tribe Roll,

Chris Hampton


Dr. Chris Hampton