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Kingsport City Schools will be closed for Spring Break March 27-31, 2017. Classes resume on Monday, April 3, 2017.

Latest Tennis Announcement

March 23rd:  Spectacular play by the girls' team the last two days!  Congratulations!  All matches played from here on out are all Maroon Boys' and Girl's matches except for one Girl's only on May 1st.  I am not sure if I mentioned this at the parent's meeting or not, but if I did not, I wanted to clarify it now.  I tried to build an equal amount of matches for the boys' and the girls'.  I called many schools to try and set-up matches but several calls (and multiple calls) were not returned.  This being my first year as head coach and not knowing the inner workings of being head coach, the only stipulation I put on scheduling matches was that I didn't want the team to travel more than approximately one hour to a match.  I believe in the student in student athlete and wanted to try and find a balance between the two.  One thing I have learned to do differently in the future is to try and start calling other school's sooner.  I don't know if I tried to late to set-up matches or if they didn't return my calls because they didn't recognize the change in the head coach position.  If that doesn't work, I will expand the driving time in increments.  At this time, I would like to thank all of the parents for understanding how much time and effort all of the assistant coaches have been volunteering in order to make this program the best it can be.  We all have the same vision and we all care deeply about each and every DB Tribe Tennis player we coach.  Tomorrow is optional Challenge Match day and Coach Parnell will be out there if you, or your child, let me know that they plan on coming.  I hope everyone has a great Spring Break, and please, try to play as many matches as you can while on it! Best regards - Coach Guske
My phone died last night right after the match.  If you, or your child, has tried to reach me via text and has not had a response, that is because I did not receive it.  It is not because I am ignoring you or your child.  The reason this is just being posted is because I had to leave a 6:15 a.m this morning for an appointment in Knoxville and did not realize my phone was dead until I was leaving.  It isn't that the battery had just lost it's charge, it is also that the phone refuses to recognize a charging cable to recharge.  I am going to try and stop by and see if I can get a new phone associated with my account before 3 p.m.  However, please let your children know after you have read this.  Thank you! - Coach Guske 
March 13th:  Charise Duckworth from the Dobyns-Bennett newspaper, The Arrowhead, did an article on what it is like trying out for and the goals of the DB Tennis Program. Here is a link to the article.
What a fantastic day on the courts Thursday.  I could not be prouder of the student athletes that represented Dobyn-Bennett yesterday.  On and off the courts, they were the model of effort, support and responsibility.  And special shout outs for Elizabeth Schnede, Jenna Murphy and Ruthie Rogers who came out to support the team even though they did not have a scheduled match and were required to be there!
Match Day in Kingsport, TN!  The Dobyns-Bennett High School tennis team will be hosting Sullivan North. Matches are scheduled to begin at approximately 3:30 p.m.  If you received a text from me last night, and are available to play, the expectation is that you will stay until all of the point scoring matches have been played (even if you have finished playing for the day). This is a team sport, support your teammates.  If you are not scheduled to play, but are available to come out and support today's team, please do so.  Even if you only stay for twenty-thirty minutes, the impact of supporting your fellow student athletes is extraordinary. Thank you and Roll Tribe! - Coach Guske
Following are some great pointers on how to serve.  Please watch them when you have time. Both of them are about 20 minutes long so watch them in pieces to understand the various pieces that need to be put together for a successful serve: (7 steps are discussed: watch each step by itself. Don't watch the video all at once.  Watch the 7 steps independently) (7 drills are discussed: watch each drill by itself. Don't watch the video all at once.  Watch the 7 drills independently)
At the Parent Meeting, Lori Hill suggested a great idea of the teams taking a field trip to watch and learn from attending one of ETSU's tennis matches.  It has been pointed out to me that the April 1st and April 2nd proposed field trip days occur at the end of Spring Break.  Because of this, I would like as many girls go as possible to the Saturday, April 15th match. The match begins at noon.  All the student athletes would need is money for food.  For the boys, the day I would like for as many boys to go as possible is Sunday, April 9th. The match begins at 1 p.m.  The team will take a Dobyns-Bennett Activities van.  The trip would be a team building experience by traveling together and seeing how ETSU's players support their teammates. 
Please try and play as many matches as you can over the weekends or after practice, M-Th. The more matches we can play against each other, the more match prepared we will be when we play other teams! - Coach Guske
Ms. Wallingford has decided to volunteer more of her time!  On Fridays, she will be on the courts from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m for anyone that wants extra hitting practice or to work on a particular stroke or strategy.
As a reminder, right now (it might change in the future), Fridays are optional hitting days.  It is a great time to get in a challenge match. On Thursday, I provide a brand new can of tennis balls for those that plan on playing a challenge match on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Please return the used ball because we will use them in the practice carts. 
Thank you all for your understanding, I should have mentioned that checks should be made out to DB Activities and brought to me.  I have to turn them into Activities with additional documentation. 
I came across this website yesterday that you might find helpful: To be clear, I am not advocating for purchasing their products.  I feel their free information is valuable.  And, don't forget about the DBHS Tennis Google Calendar!
If you don't have a place to store your tennis equipment during the school day, you can use my office in the library.  The library opens at 7 a.m.